Why should we remove antibiotics from our water if the EPA does not currently think they are dangerous?

Antibiotics are not currently regulated by the EPA, but they are contaminants of emerging concern and appear on several contaminant candidate lists. In the very near future antibiotics will be regulated and water treatment facilities will be required to remove and test for them. Our system is economical and can be easily implemented in an existing system. The system will help the treatment facility meet the requirements laid out by the EPA and early implementation will save money.

In what cases would purchasing the tertiary treatment module be necessary?

Purchasing the tertiary treatment module would be necessary if the facility does not currently have tertiary treatment methods. These methods are needed to reduce the amount of fouling in the nanofilters. Reducing fouling will increase the lifetime of the membranes and save the treatment facility money.

How can I be sure there is no fecal matter in the water?

Water is tested daily to ensure that it meets the standards to be discharged to the drinking water facility. The water is further purified before it reaches the public.