Lobo Engineering started as a senior design project at the University of New Mexico. The group of five chemical engineers were tasked with designing a wastewater treatment system that removes contaminants of emerging concern from wastewater for a Waste-Management, Education, and Research Consortium competition. The group chose to address pharmaceutical contaminants specifically antibiotics.  This resulted in a viable system that encouraged the group to start up their own business.

The group received funding after presenting their design to industry experts at an engineering expo in May 2015. This allowed the group to find a facility and start producing pretreatment and nanofiltration modules that could be sold to small communities to enhance water treatment.

All five members reside in Albuquerque, NM and plan to expand their business to treat more pharmaceuticals that appear on the Environmental Protection Agencies Contaminant Candidate Lists. They also hope to expand their business to nearby states, bringing viable treatment methods to small communities all over the southwestern United States.




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